Sunday, December 8, 2013

the good ol' days

What's this? An outfit post? No. way.

Way back in the early days of this blog, there were many a outfit post. I haven't done one in a while & J snapped this quick photo for our showroom facebook page (click here to like us!) so I figured why not! Back in February of last year, I took a job opening the lululemon Greensboro showroom. Even before that day, you'd find me most often wearing lululemon on any day that didn't require non-workout attire-work, fancy dinners out, the occasional black tie affair, maybe even a debutante ball or two (nope, not kidding on that last one). Now, there is rarely a day that goes by that I am not wearing lululemon, usually full-on everywhere, and at the very least, one or two pieces.

So there you have side of the moon outfit posts version 2.0. I like the new version. I like it a lot.

{wearing lululemon base runner 1/2 zip, CRB, joe's jeans, frye boots, jcrew hat...holding the fluff off jacket & rebecca minkoff M.A.B.}

Wednesday, December 4, 2013

listen to your voice...yes, that one.

{image via Diana Moss pinterest}
Shel Silverstein, you are brilliant.

To anyone reading this, so are you. Listen to your voice. Trust your inner wisdom. Always.

Here's to a day guided by your voice...


Wednesday, November 20, 2013


When I opened the link to the Kauai wedding photos of model Tori Praver & surfer Danny Fuller, I was immediately swept away into a peaceful, beautiful (not to mention uber chic) world of love & harmony. If I was going to have a do-over wedding, this is what it would look like.

{All images are via & you can read the article or view the original images here.}

Here's to a Wednesday filled with beauty...


Monday, November 18, 2013

Monday Mantra

I thought I'd start a little series called 'monday mantras'...we could all use a simply source of inspiration, a grounding phrase, on Mondays, the start of the week for most of us. This first one is a phrase I initially read here. It spoke to me deeply. So, I modified it slightly, made it my own & I come back to it daily. It is my mantra. These are the words I write in my journal or planner or maybe the closest sticky note, when I feel myself feeling less than grounded, stressed, worried or sad.

{image created via befunky}

I commit to showing up, being present & allowing whatever follows to happen. It's just that simple.

Tell me, what's your mantra?

Friday, November 8, 2013

Round 2.0

Gearing up for a revamped vision & goals by Desire Mapping it up-Round 2.0. I Desire Mapped for the first time, early this year, when Danielle Laporte's Desire Map program launched. At that time, I was in a job I didn't care about, in a place I wasn't sure I really wanted to live & desperate for some guidance. Honestly, I was desperate for THE answer, THE fix...what the hell was I supposed to be doing with my life and how had I gotten so off track? What I realized, no, what I experienced (I'd realized it a long time ago) was that the answer wasn't out there to be found. It was already within, begging to be recognized and acted upon. And that's exactly what I did. I acted.

I'm writing to you today as I'm preparing to head out the door to a job I adore. To make an impact in the world in ways that feed my soul-the only way to truly make an impact. I work for a company where we all create a vision for our ideal life, then set goals to get us there. I live, breathe and speak vision & goals every single day. Amazing. I feel a need to revisit my current vision & associated goals and as I work my way back through The Desire Map, I realize that my depth of understanding of what creating 'goals with soul' really means & how freakin' powerful it actually is, has grown...because the impact of creating goals that truly speak to my soul is real to me. I've lived it. I am living it.

As we head into the holiday season, I challenge you to think about what you're creating in your life. You are the painter. Life is your canvas. Today is the day.

I encourage you to check out The Desire Map program (psst...the book will be available at your local bookstore soon AND you can click the link to your right). It'll get your head & heart in the right place and here's a great resource for creating your 10 year vision.

Got questions? Email me at

(p.s. I'm committed to being present on this blog regularly-it's part of my goals-so hold me accountable! I'm here & I'm not going anywhere!)

Monday, July 1, 2013

returning to a place that remains unchanged

"There's nothing like returning to a place that remains unchanged to find the ways in which you yourself have altered"
~Nelson Mandela

I'm not certain if it's the internal work I've been doing over the past several years, or maybe where it's brought me this last one in particular, but I know that I value simplicity much more than I used to. When things begin to get complicated, in any way, I feel almost repulsed by the situation, as if I need to run for cover or at least flee very, very quickly. And on the other side of that, when the simple act of 'being' is easily accessed (for me, that is not always the case), I feel so profoundly and deeply grateful, that a sense of joy overwhelms me. The fact that I can feel this more and more often, I believe, is because I am actively practicing this way of being, way of feeling, way of living.

This weekend, we took a quick trip to the North Carolina mountains with my husband's mother and step-father. This is a place I've visited frequently, since birth, far before I knew my husband, through many stages of life. It's a place that I've always felt affected by, maybe a place where I could easily slip into a place of peace. Again, not always an easy place for me to find. I'm finding that although, for the most part, this place geographically remains unchanged, that for me, it's profound effects on my psyche only continue to grow-I think that must say something about what I am actively practicing in my life, about the ways I, myself, have altered...

Here's to a beautifully simple week...


Tuesday, May 7, 2013

invigoration, determination, creativity and authoring your life

Bet you thought this was going to be a lengthy, wordy post...nope!

Just wanted to share this with you all, because at the end of the day, this is the root of everything:

{photo taken and edited by my cousin, Sarah Mae...hope you don't mind me posting, S!}